Staycation Live has grown significantly over the years, and so the three organisers are in need of a break, so from now on the full weekend event will take place every other year, returning in 2025.

Don’t worry though, we can’t resist a party, so brace yourselves for:

Staycation Lite – August 2 & 3, 2024

Dr Meaker smashing the Loki stage at Staycation Live in 2023

Tickets are on sale now!

As we’ll be running a smaller event this year, space will be limited, so we’re ticketing access to the cloister, with three sessions available: Friday Night, Saturday Day and Saturday Night.

Our bar will be outside the cloister, in the park, as well as our food concessions, so the atmosphere will be as you’d expect from Godalming’s favourite event.

What to expect at Staycation Lite

We couldn’t go a year without throwing Godalming a party, so this year will be no exception. We may not be filling the park this year, but the cloister will be rocking on Friday evening and all day Saturday, well into the night!

We’ll have the usual selection of bands and DJs for your ears, plus our well stocked bar, and a selection of your favourite street food vendors. There’ll be fun for all the family, with music in the cloister as well as the usual good vibes and atmosphere in the park.

TST DJs play the cloister

1 Stage, 2 Days, 3 Sessions

Friday Night

(Over 18s)

New Car Smell

3 piece brass band meets punk. They use the power of our lungs to create high-octane 200 horsepower acoustic dance music. Inspired by brass house groups like Too Many Zoos and Moon Hooch, but fuel-injected with Their own edge.They have but one objective: to move everyone within our sonic radius.


Levski started DJing in the late 90’s with a single 1210, his mums record player and two records. Dane Bowers “Buggin” and a copy of Rosie Gaines “Closer than Close” Along with a friend with a land rover, he started putting on beach parties and club nights in his native North Cornwall before moving to Surrey in the early 2000’s where he continued putting on parties before forming TST Live with a couple of like-minded friends. Expect some smooth funky grooves to get you moving into Staycation Lite Friday night. Listen on Mixcloud here.

Karl Phillips and the Rejects

A completely original mashup of ska, punk & grime with a hip-hop nod at luminaries like The Clash, The Specials & Mike Skinner. Karl’s refreshingly honest lyrics test the boundaries of the human mind and the English etiquette, coming from a place most people can relate to but never dared to mention!

Redeye Allen

The Saturday Thing co-founder and serious heavy weight breaks purveyor. With his own brand of ‘Electro Funk Breaks’, incorporating everything from James Brown to Bad Company the dance floor will be DISCOvering muscles they didn’t even know they had with the shapes that will inevitably ensue!

Sam Able

Festival co-founder and organiser Sam Able is known for his ability to blend genres seamlessly, Sam Able’s sets are a masterclass in musical storytelling, taking audiences on an exhilarating journey from the first beat to the last drop.

Saturday Day

Kids Entertainment

We’ll have our usual roaming entertainers to keep the little ones entertained in the cloister and in the park.

The True Deceivers

Since 2003, the True Deceivers have been developing their own distinctive brand of roots rock and Americana, mixing fiddles, mandolins and guitars with high energy arrangements and tight vocal harmonies, and incorporating a growing catalogue of original songs. Their unique style has been forged from their earlier work with much loved bands such as Eat the Sofa, the Blazing Homesteads and Plenty, and this good-time feel has quickly made the True Deceivers regular favourites at festivals across the UK.​In 2019, the band released their long-awaited third album, My Own Highway, a mere seven years after the well-received Hell or High Water. They have promised that the fourth album will not be as long in coming. Mind you, that’s what they said last time…

Sam Able
The Festival Co-founder is dropping in for his second set of the weekend. Expect some sunny afternoon styles, head nodding beats and tunes to get your feet moving.
Tree House Fire

From the leafy suburbs of Surrey and the hills, valleys and beaches of South Wales come TREE HOUSE FIRE ! The popularity of the band has seen them share the stage with the likes of The Skints, Reel Big Fish, Anti Flag, Katchafire, Mad Caddies, Macka B, The Beat, The Selector and New York Ska legends The Toasters, along with numerous festival appearances including the UK’s largest reggae and Ska festival, Boomtown Fair, alongside established acts such as Damian Marley,Madness, Cat Empire and Anthony B, to name but a few.

Saturday Night

(Over 18s)

Redeye Allen

Previously half El Residente where he and Rosko John took Brixton and South London by the balls with their blend of afro funk breaks. Hosting nights at Dogstar, DEX Club, The Telegraph, Hive, Mango Landing and acquiring residencies at The Jamm, The Prince, The White Horse & Beach Bar. Now co-running The Saturday Thing busting out his new blend of Electro Funk Breaks across Guildford and the South East.

Gav Ravenous

Co-founder of No Man’s Land festival and co-promoter of Tribal Medicine. Over a span of 20 years Gav has also collaborated and DJ’d with many promotions all over the UK and internationally including Contact, Overload the Fort, Punchfunk, Section 63, Psychosis, Project Storm, Antiworld, Archangel, Psyco, Generator, Gatecrasher and Underground City to name a few. Musically it would be fair to say that he can never be assigned to one genre, most of his sets would incorporate anything from glitch hop, house, electro, breaks, techno, oldskool or jungle.

Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags

Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags are a well established collective from Sussex who have been filling dance floors for over 10 years. Expect an infectious blend of reggae/ folk & Balkan beat tunes from stalwarts of the UK festival scene, playing mainly originals with the occasional singalong cover thrown in. Full power party music! The band also run the Scallywag Party festival and club nights in Sussex.

Captain Flatcap and Kurnel MC

Welcome all races, all genders, all walks of life to the Captain Flatcap and Kurnel MC show! Flatcap and Kurnel will take you on a journey across the full spectrum of Electronic Dance Music,packed with originals, exclusives, heavy bass lines, good-time party vibes and plenty of that trademark Captain Flatcap flute that you know and love. Sprinkled throughout is Kurnel’s positive,uplifting and dynamic vocals which are matched only by his bouncy and engaging stage presence. These qualities make Flatcap and Kurnel a must-see on any festival line-up. Flatcap is a DJ/producer/classically trained musician with a Grade 8 in four different instruments, and so was inspired to use live instruments in his performances and production. Kurnel and his highly infectious antipodean flow is a rapper, singer and vocalist originally from Nelson, New Zealand. They have collaborated on writing numerous tracks, and played the occasional show together.

Second and final set from Staycation Live Festival co-founder and expect a ramping up in BPM for the final hurrah for Staycation Lite 2024 !

Got any questions about Staycation Lite?

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    When will Staycation Live be back?

    The full Staycation Live event will take place every two years, returning in August 2025. We love putting the event on for you all, so don’t worry it’ll be back.

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    When will Staycation Lite take place?

    The new Staycation Lite event, which will take place every other year in between the main event, will take place across three sessions on Friday night, from 17:00 to 23:00 on the 2nd August, Saturday day, from 11:00 to 17:00 and Saturday night from 17:00 to 23:00 on the 3rd August.

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    What does my ticket get me access to?

    Each ticket is for one session, either Friday night, Saturday day or Saturday night. It gives you access to the Cloister in the Phillips Memorial Park where the stage for Staycation Lite will be. All the music during the session will take place in the cloister this year.

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    What will be going on in the park?

    While access to the stage in the cloister is ticketed, the bar, food concessions and some other entertainment will all be in the park, around the cloister. We’re also hoping that all music will be played on speakers facing into the park, and that a video screen will show that’s playing on the stage.

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    Do I need a ticket to come to the park?

    No, tickets are only needed to get into the cloister to see the stage. Access to the bar, food concessions and anything else going on in the park will be free.

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    What food and drink concessions will be in the park?

    We’ll have our usual great selection on our bar, with beer from Firebird Brewery and Godalming Beer Works, plus plenty more. Food will be provided by our friends at Ladda Thai, and the Milford Meat Roaster.

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    Why is Staycation Live not happening this year?

    The three organisers have run the event for over 13 years, and while they have a lot of help these days, it takes up a lot of time. They all have businesses, jobs, families and other events that they need to fit into their lives, so the time has come to take a little break.

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    Can kids attend the event?

    The evening sessions are adults only, but kids tickets are available for the Saturday Day session. Any kids attending the day time session will need to leave before the evening session begins.

Staycation Live/Lite Music Festival

in partnership with Godalming Town Council

Godalming Town Council Launched Staycation in 2010, a week-long programme of events and activities suitable for individuals, families and groups of all ages who live in Godalming and villages to enjoy. In 2011 Staycation Live Music Festival was introduced as a way to kick off the amazing week of events that Godalming Town Council organises every year. The Music festival wouldn’t happen without the help and support from the team at the Council.