Q What are the dates this year?

A. The festival will be kicking off on the evening of Friday the 2nd August for the launch party at a secret yet to be confirmed location ! Staycation Live will finish on Sunday evening. 

Q. Where is the festival ?

A. The bulk of the action is being held in Phillips Memorial Park in Godalming but will shift to many venues throughout the town on Saturday evening.

Q. What are the opening hours of the Festival?

A. Saturday from 12 pm – 7.30 pm in the park (with an after party in the cloister until 10:30 pm) then 8 pm – close at evening stages.  Sunday in the park runs from 12:00 pm – 7 pm.

Q. How much should I donate ?

A. We suggest £5 per adult and kids go free. For that you will get a very comprehensive guide to the festival including all the evening venues, a guide to the bands and a map to help find your way around the town. As well as this you will receive a wristband that will let everyone know what a lovely generous person you are !

As well as all the great music we will have some great activities also although some activities in the park will require separate payment or donations.

Q. What happens to the money we donate?

We give 25% of everything collected directly to our chosen charity. The rest goes towards running the festival.

Q. Can I bring bottles & glass to the Festival?

A.To help us to maintain Health and Safety requirements, we would ask that no glass or bottles are to be brough onto site.

Q. Can I bring fold up chairs, windbreaks or gazebos to the Festival?

A. Fold up chairs are permissible on site but windbreaks and gazebos are not.

Q. Am I free to come and go during the Festival?

A. Yes but we ask you don’t save spots if you are gone for long periods of time.

Q. Can I bring dogs to the Festival?

A. Dogs are allowed on site as long as they are kept on leads and are friendly.

Q. Are children welcome?

A. Yes, this is a family show and children have their own dedicated entertainment areas. Level pushchair access throughout.

 Q. Do I need to bring ID?

A. The Festival will be operating a Challenge 21 rule which aims to cut down on underage drinking. If you look under 21, you will be asked to prove that you are over 18 in order to buy alcohol on site. The ‘Challenge 21’ initiative encourages sellers of alcohol to ask for official forms of identification from anyone that appears to be under 21-years-old. If a trader suspects someone is under that age and doesn’t have the relevant identification, e.g. passport, photo driving licence, citizencard, they will not be served. Stewards on site also have the power to request proof of age if they see anyone drinking alcohol who appears to be under age. The scheme is being promoted because it can be very difficult to identify accurately whether someone is 17, 18, 19 or 20 but is usually easier to determine whether someone is 21. However if young people have official identification to prove they are over the age of 18 they will of course be served legally.

Q. Will there be medical support on site for emergencies?

A. Yes, trained medical staff will be on site during the event.   

Q. Is there disabled parking?

A. Yes, there is free disabled parking at crown court car park, a short distance from the site

Q. Is there disabled access on site? 

A. The whole site has great access for disabled people. If you do need any assistance please find one of our stewards who would be more than happy to help.

Q. Is there parking on site?

A. No parking is allowed on site but there is a public car-park marked on the MAP.

Q. Where is the nearest railway station?

A. Godalming Railway Station is within easy walking distance.

Q. Are there toilets on site?

A. Even more toilets on site this year and as always will be cleaned and serviced regularly.

Q. Is there a cash machine on site?

A. No but one is available on the high street. MAP