Charity and Staycation Live

Charity has always been an important part of Staycation Live. Each year we choose a charity to whom we make a donation from our collection and have so far raised over £20,000 for good causes. Staycation Live isn’t just about having a good time, it’s about community, and hopefully we’re able to help those who are less able to help themselves along the way.

Last year’s chosen charities


The Youth Wellbeing Garden Project
by the Godalming Youth Service.

This initiative is all about empowering young people and nurturing their holistic development through a garden like no other!

At Broadwater Youth Centre, our enthusiastic youth have already embarked on an incredible journey, co-designing a Wellbeing Garden that’s all about connecting, building relationships, and fostering a sense of community. Together, they are making magic happen, learning teamwork, communication, and leadership skills along the way. And boy, are they proud of what they’re achieving!

By involving our youth in every step of this incredible project, we’re unlocking a world of physical, mental, and social benefits. We want them to experience the joy of being in nature and discover the wonders of gardening, creating a lifelong passion they can carry into adulthood.

Together, we’ll cultivate a brighter future for our young ones, one seed at a time!


Hydestile Resident Animals

The animal rescue is run by Graham and Lyn, the incredible duo who have dedicated their lives to caring for wild birds and animals in need. 

With their wildlife hospital becoming their full-time occupation, Graham even left his previous job as a heating engineer to support this noble cause. Their dedication knows no bounds, and they’ve helped countless furry and feathered patients over the decades.

From mice to hedgehogs, foxes to badgers, sparrow hawks to owls, Hydestyle Resident Animals has provided a safe haven for a wide range of creatures. Every animal that comes through their doors receives the care and attention it deserves, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild.

But their kindness extends beyond wildlife. Graham and Lyn have also opened their hearts to domestic animals in need of care or rehoming, including dogs, cats, and rabbits. Their motto remains unwavering: they will never turn away an animal in need.

Previous charities we’ve supported